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  1. 1299 Panigale
    Hi there! Hope all is well! I'm wondering whether WSBK Termignoni exhaust fits 959 Panigale as I know that many exhausts are interchangeable among 1299, 1199, 899 and 959. Thank you!
  2. Parts
    EDIT- SOLD! Thanks for viewing, have a OEM exhaust from a 2008 1098s. Very light scratches on mufflers as shown, missing one baffle but have exhaust ECU (not pictured). Was too busy trying to make a cool "knolling" arrangement :D Took off all stock exhaust parts at 2k miles. Asking $200 +...
  3. 848
    Hi all I am new to this forum. I hope I am not repeating an existing thread. I did a search but couldn't find a response to this specific issue. I have just fitted a 2009 full termignoni system (pipes only) to my 2011 848 Evo. I have discovered that my old Leo Vince slip-ons no longer fit these...
  4. Parts
    Full termingnoni exhaust for 07 Monster S4R. It may fit other models but you need to determine that. Whats included: All increased diameter pipe sections back to the engine. Two carbon fiber exhaust cans, baffle inserts, springs, mounting hardware, modified air box cover and hi flow air...
  5. Bike Gear
    2012 Ducati 696 ABS Monster Kit includes all OEM parts: left & right exhaust cans, heat shields, the air filter and the ECU. All parts were removed by the dealer to upgrade the exhaust system before the new bike was delivered so they are all unused. Will entertain the best offer and help...
  6. 848
    Just put this up on ebay. Discontinued Leo Vince Ti/Carbon Caps. #7786 Leovince Leo Vince Ducati 848 1098 Factory EVO II Slip on Carbon Caps 7786 | eBay
  7. 1098/1198
    Just put this up on ebay. Discontinued Leo Vince Ti/Carbon Caps. #7786 Leovince Leo Vince Ducati 848 1098 Factory EVO II Slip on Carbon Caps 7786 | eBay
  8. Technical
    Original silencer for Ducati 848 2008 I am in need of a spare pair of original silencer for my Ducati 848 2008. When looking in the spare part catalog I notice that there are differences in the article numbering depending on the year. There is one set of number for the 2008 and two set for...
  9. Monster
    has any one done a low mount to high mount mod to an 02 1000sie? or is there a kit you can buy?? im in adelaide an im looking to do this mod. can anyone suggest some good budget cans.:bandit:
  10. Monster
    ive been looking at pipes for my 1000sie and reckon if im gonna spend bucks on them i dont want to have to ditch them if the bike comes a cropper with the hard stuff. im thinking tuck em out of the way so they dont. wats the go with these ex-box's. i reckon they look cool, but has anyone heard...
  11. For Sale/Wanted
    I replaced my Stock "Lightweight 2-1-2 system with catalytic converter and lambda probe. Twin stainless steel mufflers " with a full Akrapovic exhaust awhile ago and dont need this lieing around any longer. It was on the bike for one season and has no visibile wear and tear and very few miles...
  12. 848
    I just bought spare exhaust cans and i'm going to either remove the cats or baffles. But i would like to know which method is worse for the health of my bike. I dont want my bike to be crazy loud just louder then it is. -Nick
1-12 of 12 Results