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  1. For Sale - 999 Alice track fairings

    Complete Alice fibreglass track kit for sale for $235 excluding shipping. Based in South Africa.
  2. 2008 848 Nose Fairing

    OEM fairing off a 2008 848. The right side has been broken and i have tried to repair it but it needs someone who is more skilled to do a proper job. Figure $50 + shipping is fair.
  3. 848 OEM LH Upper Fairings

    I have two OEM upper Left Hand Fairing of a 848. Both have light scratches from low speed low sides. All of the mounting holes are in perfect shape, and there are no cracks in the fairings. $120 each
  4. FOR SALE: 899 OEM Red Fairings

    I’m looking to sell my OEM Red 899 fairings (Tank not included). Bike has about 8000 miles on it. Never dropped or scratched, converting to track bike. All parts are in great condition. Ship from California. Upper front Fairing:$ 350 Right or Left Mid Fairing: $250each Right or Left lower...
  5. 750 SS Fairing.

    I have a set of mid and lower fairing and most of the mounting hardware for a 2001 750ss(fits other models and years. I think there is a 1000ss.) These are flat black with no decals. They have been repaired and painted. I was going to make my bike full fairing, but traded it in before that...
  6. 1098 / 1198 Parts

    Hi - I have a RED 1098 that I bought at an auction. It went down on the left, and was totalled out. Here's a list of parts I'll need. * Windscreen * Headlight Fairing (RED) * Upper Fairing Stay (support structure that holds windscreen to upper fair, and secures the turn signals/mirrors) *...
  7. FS: 848/1098/1198 Armour Bodies Race Fairings

  8. In need of 1198/1098 Headlight Fairing

    As the title says, I need to find an 1198/1098 OEM Red Headlight Fairing. I have been searching for weeks for a used one and cannot find it. Does anyone know where I can purchase a clean used front fairing for less than dealership costs? Thanks.
  9. 2013 848Evo Corse SE Fairing

    Have a mid fairing for a 2013 Corse SE. It is for the same side as the kickstand (if on the bike it would be your left) It's in great condition as you tell from the pics. Low slide at very slow speed and scratched it. Scratch did not go through the plastic. All mounts on the back are still there...
  10. WTB: Left-mid fairing for red 848 or 1098

    WTB: stands, ohlins steering damper and right-lower fairings for 848 Looking for the following parts 1. Ohlins steering damper 2. Front and rear stands for 848 3. Red right lower fairing for 848/1098
  11. WTB: 848 Lower Fairing

    Want to buy a black or red belly pan / lower fairing for an 848. Only need right side if it is black, but if you are selling red I will take both sides. In good condition please!
  12. Need 2013 white fairings Right side + clutch cover

    Hi all -- someone just dropped my brand new 2013 848 EVO and I am looking for a replacement clutch cover and right fairing (white). Can anyone help? many thanks!
  13. looking for 2004 ducati 999 parts

    i just bought my first ducati but it has some damage and i need parts for it. im also new to this site and would really appraciate any help i can get. so if you have any of these parts i list i will buy them from you, or if you know where i can get them for good prices. list: front wheel...
  14. WTB 1098 Yellow nose fairing in excellent condition

    For Sale/Wanted
    I have one in not excellent condition:bash: Seeking a nice looking OEM replacement PM or reply Thanks D
  15. Need left side body fairing and shift lever

    Felt like a real ass tonight hitting some black ice and dropping one of my best friends. (my 848). Anyhow I bent the shift lever and need a new one. Any shift lever will do. The body fairing is also messed up so looking for one in black matte. Would really appreciate any help on finding a good...
  16. Aftermarket fairings

    I'm looking for a nice set of aftermarket fairings for my 998 and was wondering if there are any good companies to go with, or if anyone has any other knowledge regarding this?
  17. looking for 848 parts!!

    For Sale/Wanted
    hey guys, im looking for left side mid and lower fairings (red) in fair or good condition. gear shifter leaver, kickstaind sensor, sargent seat and a bazzaz ecu tunner. if any one has any of these parts for sale to fit a 2009 ducati 848 let me know, thanks.
  18. WTB: 1098s Red Fairing Parts

    For Sale/Wanted
    Folks, I find myself in need of some replacement parts to put the beast back together. Right side pieces, red, 1098s (where applicable). I'm interested in like new parts only, not damaged or repaired pieces (surely I have those already). Here's what I need: Nose Fairing Nose...
  19. WTB 09 848 Fairings + Clutch Lever+ kickstand

    For Sale/Wanted
    i Need for a red 09 848 full tail fairing, complete front fairing, and upper left hand fairing, clutch lever and kick stand. THANKS! i hope to hear from someone soon!
  20. WTB: 749/999 Biposto seat parts

    For Sale/Wanted
    Looking for: (PENDING)Rear Seat (PENDING)Passenger Pegs (PENDINGYellow/Black rear fairings (PENDING)Seat Latch/Lock CF Midpipe Heatshield Also: Right Mid Fairing Yellow 749s (FOUND)Cush Drive Sprocket Carrier. Mine's shredded :-( For a 749s (Biposto soon)