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  1. Wanted:pearl white right side upper fairing

    Looking for a pearl white right side upper fairing with no rash. Thaks, Showers
  2. FOR SALE: 899 OEM Red Fairings

    I’m looking to sell my OEM Red 899 fairings (Tank not included). Bike has about 8000 miles on it. Never dropped or scratched, converting to track bike. All parts are in great condition. Ship from California. Upper front Fairing:$ 350 Right or Left Mid Fairing: $250each Right or Left lower...
  3. 848/1098 Sharkskinz

    Sharkskinz One Piece Street Upper One Piece Street Lower Front Fender Street SOLO tail (uses stock seat) Unused, WITH light cutouts Paid just under $1200 for the set, asking $800 Pickup only unless buyer pays shipping (I think it's around $200) I live in MA, also in CT some weekends and at...
  4. After market fairing/bodywork

    Hi, After 15 years of hard work, my 748S is up for either a paint job, or replacement plastic. I've found an interesting looking fairing/bodywork set on the net <Ducati replica monoposto fairing/bodywork for superbike Ducati 748/998/996 yellow>. Has anyone had experience with them?
  5. 2012-2014 1199R Full Set Fairings

    For Sale: Full Set of fairings in mint condition from my 2014 1199R. SOLD OEM Carbon Fiber Rear Tire Hugger - sold
  6. 848 carbon fiber fairing set

    I have a carbon fiber fairing set for a 848/1098/1198 . It is a front fairing , upper sides , and a rear solo tail. I'm also throwing in a factory stock solo tail and Ducati seat pad in the set. Please don't ask me if I will separate the set, the answer is NO. I believe it is all Bestem USA if...
  7. WTB 848EVO Stealth Left Side Fairings

    Interested in upper, lower, rear seat, and front fairings for 848 evo dark stealth color. What can I say? The bike must be inbred. Thought the pavement was its sister and wanted to touch every fairing it could haha. :shitfan: Located in WA
  8. = = 1199 S parts - Garage Sale! all in Perfect Condition

    = = 1199 R parts - Garage Sale! all in Perfect Condition By the way guys. I will ONLY ship to Confirmed PayPal addresses. No exceptions. Thanks! Bike is track-exclusive so all the parts off the bike and those I've purchased :( is up for sale. This isn't all of it but most of it. I will...
  9. WTB Track Fairings for 848 Evo

    For Sale/Wanted
    As title states, let me know what you have! Thanks in advance! :popcorn: -Thomas
  10. WANTED: 2008 848/1098/1198 front fairing

    For Sale/Wanted
    Hey i'm looking for a OEM pearl white front fairing for my '08 848 i'm looking to buy used but not covered in scratches. I'd rather buy it from the UK but if i have to i'll get one from aboard. If you could suggest anywhere that might have it it would be a big help. Cheers, Liam
  11. Hit and run 848

    So my 848 suffered a hit and run yesterday in a parking lot. Luckily, two people saw the entire incident and got the plate number of the perp. So I'm filed a hit and run report and it's a criminal offense, so the person is in deep shit. The two people gave statements and the police are pursuing...
  12. 848 Evo (Dark) Fairings

    For Sale/Wanted
    All, Long time lurker but this is my first post...I have gotten a lot of valuable info from the board. Thanks to all! Anyway, I laid my baby down during my last track day unfortunately. Rather than repair the original fairings, I am going to get a set of track fairings (should have done that...
  13. Ducati 848 1098 1198 Parts, Carbon Fiber

    For Sale/Wanted
    Call, Text OR Email [email protected] 2103823535 YOU PAY SHIPPING Call, Text OR Email 2103823535 YOU PAY SHIPPING Limited edition Carbon Fiber Side fairings with red carbon Fiber, Rare. High quality show worthy not cheap carbon fiber. these go for about 500 a peice new I will sell these...
  14. WTB 1098 stock yellow fairings

    For Sale/Wanted
    I high sided my 1098 on some loose gravel and roughed up the fairings. However, being a proud Ducati owner I would much rather pay a little extra for some good/excellent condition stock fairings than settle for some cheap aftermarket ones. That being said I'm looking for the headlight fairing...
  15. 1198 SP Fairing Set

    For Sale/Wanted
    Fairings off of my 2011 1198 SP. $1500 + Actual Shipping Shipping Light scratches on the left upper from my knee puck. No broken tabs or other issues. Already priced low, price is firm. Shipping will be roughly 60-100 bucks depending on where you are. I expect the fairings to be paid for...
  16. WTB: 996 fairings (red)

    For Sale/Wanted
    Hey all, so I initially had the plan of getting all carbon fiber fairings for my 996 but found out that it was going to be too costly to do so so instead I want to change out my yellow fairing for red ones. I already have the red tank purchased so now I need the nose, side fairings, v-cowl...
  17. After market fairings

    Anyone know about the quality and fit of the after market replica fairings? My 1198 went down last weekend and need to replace the entire R side of the bike. Was looking at the price and to replace with OEM, but it is a bucket of doughSeen a few online, just wondered about the quality and fit ...
  18. FS - 1198s red part out

    For Sale/Wanted
    Following parts are from a 2010 red 1198s and in good condition. LH Upper fairing - $250 LH Lower fairing - $200 Stock cans - $250 Rear plate and indicators - $100 Stock ecu - $150 If interested, please pm me...