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  1. Monster796 and Competition Werkes install

    I am 90% done with the fender eliminator but i can not make out how the turn signals are to be mounted. The supplied instructions are Terrible at best and I can not find any good pictures on line to help. Anyone have it installed that I can get some pics of or words of advice???
  2. FS 2013 Multistrada Pikes Peak Carbon bits

    I'm selling some of my carbon bits off my 2013 Multistrada Pikes Peak. I need plastic replacements for them, could do a swap and cash or just buy your non faded, good condition stuff so I can pull mine and sell them on. Here's what's on offer: L & R snorkel intakes $350 the pair L & R Lateral...
  3. I made my own fender eliminator using stock fender on panigale S!

    1199 Panigale
    Like everyone, I hated the size of the Turn Signal/License Plate Holder. It Stuck out way too far. So instead of droping $200 on whats avalible right now. I just chopped at the one that came with the bike... I think the results are pretty decent... Took about 6 hours to get everything the way...
  4. FS OEM Ducati Carbon Front Fender

    For Sale/Wanted
    Here is a Ducati OEM front fender off my 1198s. IT has some chipping as shown in the pictures. Was $150 now yours for $125.00 including shipping CONUS. Ducati part #56420551A this part new from Ducati is $445.00 Here is the Chipping
  5. FS: 848/1098/1198 OEM Parts

    For Sale/Wanted
    Here's what I have left... Original Front Riders seat. Never used. $60 obo. Original Yellow Front Fender/Hugger. Never used. $100 obo. Original Ducati Superbike Exhaust. This full exhaust was removed from a prepped 2008 1098 racebike. The exhaust is Mint and was never used and still in box...
  6. inner fender well nuts

    I'm looking for the three inner rear fender rubber nuts with a flange that holds them in place in the fender plastic. If anyone has one or more of these that would be willing to sell I would apperciate it.
  7. Vic Number Plate Near Exhaust ( comp wrecker elmi )

    hi i would just like to know, in Victoria i herd that having the number plate sit right at the back near the exhaust pipes it highly illegal but then hearing from a few mates that there is a loop hole in this somthing about 45 degrees and 20 meters back, now i tried searching on the net but...