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  1. WTB: Ducati 848 Frame. Late year preferred.

    If in the tri state I can pickup. If outside the tristate I can pay via paypal immediately. Text me for with what you have. 732-896-0841.
  2. DIY Frame removal 1198

    Getting my new 2010 1198 next week and want to immediately get the frame powder coated red, I'm a good mechanic but have never worked on or owned a Duc, is it reasonable to tackle this task of removing the frame in my garage or take it to a shop and pay 1200+? Thanks
  3. 66 350 Sebring frame details

    I've acquired a 66 Sebring , it has had a long, interesting ,and hard life and is in poor shape right now. Along the way, it's frame fork head was chopped to accomodate Honda dirt bike forks. I have the original forks but need to know the original length of the tube in order to restore it. Does...
  4. Swapping my 996 sps onto 916 frame

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I am a first time owner of a Ducati 996 sps that has a compression crack in one of the welds on the chassis. It has never been dropped or in any accidents as I personally know the person who had previously owned it. It has 3000 miles on it and I have...
  5. Seeking Frame

    Is there anyone out there parting out a 1098. I am looking for a clean frame. Thanks!
  6. FS Speedy Moto Internal Frame Sliders 848, 1x98

    For Sale/Wanted
    Here is a set of Speedy Moto internal frame sliders that will fit your Ducati 848 or 1x98. These go for $149 new and these are perfect. $80 including shipping CONUS and they are yours!
  7. Monster Frame Compatibility 696/796/1100

    I know this is a common question and if its answered elsewhere, my apologies. Can anyone shed some light on whether the current crop of frames (696/796/1100) are interchangeable? Thank you - Philip :confused:
  8. monster S4R 998 engine into a 916 frame?

    The 998 I have is a stat write off and can never be re-registered in australia. option is to find a 998 frame, (rare as rockinghorse poo) or find an alternative frame and fit my gear into it. does anyone know if the engine & single sided swingarm from the 2006 S4R 998 monster would fit the 2001...
  9. Frame alignment

    I bought a used 2002 ducati 998 and I have some newbe questions. If I put the bike up on a swingarm stand I notice a couple of things, one is that the passenger pegs are different lenghts from the rear tire on each side, is this normal, also the back tire doens't look to be perfectly in the...