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fuel injectors

  1. Sitting 848 rough running

    Recently bought a 2012 848 with only 1400 miles, bike has been sitting in garage for 2 years so I’m told. When I first bought the bike two days ago the motorcycle wouldn’t hold and idle obviously bad fuel from sitting. Pulled the tank drained old fuel, Cleaned up fuel pump and replaced filter...
  2. Help! Motor dying when revving past 3k

    Hi guys. I have an '09 1198s with 30k miles. Bike fitted with a PC V + autotune. Over a month, bike map started putting extra fuel on the map, to the point of hitting my +30% cap. Then one morning bike just dies when revving past 3k / 4k. It is as if the bike is not getting any fuel. So...
  3. Fuel Injectors Needed for 2004 S4R

    Hello, Local cycle shop (non Ducati dealership) says I need new fuel injectors for my 2004 Monster S4R. Does anyone have a good source for new or refurb? How about a qualified mechanic in the Ann Arbor / Detroit area? THX KC