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  1. How-tos
    I am working on a '03 748s. The bike does not have bodywork, instruments, seat and fuel tank. The owner bought a Monster 797 fuel tank. How difficult would be to adapt the tank. The 748 has a return hose and the monster doesn't. Any ideas?
  2. Australia
    Is there someone who can help me out with replacing a fuel pump? I live north of Brisbane Thank you Bliss
  3. Sport Classic
    Hi, I'm new on here. I own a 2007 Sportclassic 1000S. I'd be grateful for help. Under the seat is the wire feed plug and socket to the tank fuel pump. I inadvertently caught the male plug and the 4 wires came out. Blue, white, black, red. Please if you have a sportclassic and are able to lift...
  4. 848
    Hey all! Hope to get some help with troubleshooting my 2011 ducati 848 evo. Problem is, it will not start. Bike turns over but no start..dont hear the fuel pump priming either. Here is what i've done so far to try to rule out the problem: 1)Checked all the fuses (all fine) 2) Checked relays...
  5. 999/749
    Slight issue guys, I'm replacing my fuel flange wires with the kit from ca cycleworks. I wired the harness no prob and am putting everything back together, and I cant for the life of me remember where the little mesh pre filter goes! Does anyone remember off hand?
1-5 of 5 Results