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  1. Engine intermittently stutters past 7k RPM

    Ducati Monster 696
    New Ducati owner here, Been having a weird engine issue recently and am trying to figure out what needs to be repaired. The past couple of rides I've gone on, after about 40-60 minutes of running, if I get on the throttle moderately hard or hard, the engine violently stutters at 7000 rpm. It...
  2. 400SS Twin Carb Fueling Problem

    Hi Everyone I've got a '93 twin carb (Mikuni Carb) 400SS ex Japan model. I have a problem with the bike where at low revs (below about 8,000rpm) it's fine, but anything over that it coughs and splutters. I have pulled the airbox cover off and replaced the air filter, and have found lots of fuel...