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gas tank

  1. Fuel Tank

    I am in need of a fuel tank for my 2002 Ducati Monster 620ie. Color doesn't matter. The Ducati part number is 586.1.037.2AA for red (1AE is blue, 2AC is yellow, 2AD is grey, 2AT is black) These are the applications it fits. Ducati Monster 1000 2004, 2005 Ducati Monster 1000 S 2003 Ducati...
  2. Ethanol fuel in 2014 MTS

    I am reading some old posts on the internet about tank expansion from ethanol gas in Ducatis. Has this problem been solved in the 2014 Multistrada?
  3. Frost White Fuel Tank (848 EVO)

    Looking for a good condition frost white tank...2011 Ducati 848 EVO...I believe it's the same fitting as the 848, 1098, 1198, etc. Mine has some staining on top from fuel...I'll take interest in ETI, OEM, aftermarket, whatever...just want it in fully working condition with no scratches or...
  4. Gas tank decal removal

    Anyone every pulled the decal off the gas tank. From first glance it looks to be underneath a clear coat. I have a 1198 but thats irrelevant but wondering about the tank. Thanks
  5. For Sale: Ducati 1199/899 Panigale Gas Tank

    had my 2013 1199 panigale gas tank repaired (bought bike as a salvage) the tank is now repaired and is ready for paint Tank is located in Winnipeg, MB, Canada $1000 obo shipped