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  1. 848
    Hey everybody I recently purchased a 2008 Ducati 848 with 4K milage all up to date on its service and what not. And the other day I was riding and I was at the light when I shifted down a little too hard into first gear dumb move worse than punching a wall and long story short it got stuck and...
  2. 848
    Hi All, I'm a motorcycle / Ducati newbie and have recently purchased an '08 848 as my first bike. (probably not ideal but brought it with my heart not my head :)) White with carbon mud guard / hugger and Ducati performance screen. Other than that I'm pretty sure she's standard. I'm afraid...
  3. Australia
    Hi, I dropped my bike, and the very small gear shifter bit that is covered in rubber and connects with your toe snapped off. Everything else is fine. I can't readily find one in Australia, am wondering about drilling it out and just bolting it back on. Does anyone know of one for sale or a...
1-3 of 3 Results