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  1. Bike Gear
    I know, this has been posted here more than a dozen times I am sure. But I am doing the best I can to find a pair of the Original TiMax gloves in black. I am getting them as a gift so the better the condition the greater my interest. Or if you guys know a place where I could find a pair in XL...
  2. 1098/1198
    Hi Guys, I just bought a Ducati 1098s and i have been having issues sometimes when I shift from neutral to first gear, the engine stops even when i have my side stand up. Please advice? Thank you.
  3. Other
    Hello, I'm selling some of my Genuine Ducati Performance clothing. It's all in excellent condition, all sized XL. Smoke & pet free home. The pricing is as follows; Ducati T-Shirt/Polo: Both (together) for $40 Black Ducati Hoodie: $45 (Worn once) Black Ducati Zip-Up (red sleeves): $35 You can...
  4. Ducati Discussion
    Hey guys, I have a Dainese leather jacket and leather boots. I was wondering what product to you guys use to clean your jackets at the end of the season (or even throughout the season)? Thank you!
  5. 999/749
    Hi, this is a 2006 749. I was replacing the chain an sprockets. I put the bike in first gear and went to tighten the front sprocket. I was able to tighten with resistance to a certain point (way below the torque specification) but then the drive started to spin with the wrench. This isn't right...
  6. For Sale/Wanted
    SOLD - congratulations to Wes_s13 on a great buy!
  7. 848
    Hello ducati riders, I had the sticking shifter problem and now I need a clutch shifter the other one is all bent. Any offers? Thanks!
1-7 of 7 Results