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  1. WTB: Headlight Glass for 748/916/996/998

    Looking to buy a replacement Headlight Glass for 748/916/996/998. Most specifically the low beam side, or left side if sitting on bike. Thanks in advance.
  2. WTB 2002 OEM Headlight lens

    WTB 2002 OEM Headlight lens. If you have one for sale, text me at 248-971-0512
  3. Motodemic Headlight Conversion

    Ducati Monster 821
    So I did this mod when it first came out in June. I thought I would love it, but I actually missed the stock headlight. So I put the stock headlight back on and am willing to sell the mod if anyone is interested. Very bright light. Much brighter than stock. Install is super easy and...
  4. Replacing Headlight Bulb on Monster 821

    Ducati Monster 821
    Has anyone replaced the headlight bulb on a Monster 821 (or 1200)? The assembly is very compact, and it looks like you have to disassemble the whole thing to get access to the cap. Do you have how-to tips to do this?
  5. In need of 1198/1098 Headlight Fairing

    As the title says, I need to find an 1198/1098 OEM Red Headlight Fairing. I have been searching for weeks for a used one and cannot find it. Does anyone know where I can purchase a clean used front fairing for less than dealership costs? Thanks.
  6. Wtb: panigale S/tri/R headlight

    I need the LED one please, preferable with Air Intake, along with some other misc parts: -left clip-on -left control housing -levers (OEM or after-market) Thank you
  7. Monster headlight

    Anyone have any ideas why my whole headlight cluster isn't working? Good fuses. Good bulbs. All other lights work just nothing in the heAdlight cluster. It's a 2011 monster 796 ABS. Thanks in advance for any help
  8. Strange headlight problem

    I have a 2010 1198S Corse Special Edition. I have read most of the threads on this problem with no solution. My headlights(both of them) go off for a few seconds at a time while riding. When they go off, the display back light (but not the display itself) also goes off along with indicators for...
  9. Monster/SF headlight

    Has anyone ever considered taking the headlight from a streetfighter and putting it on a monster 1100? would it need major modification? or would it (unlikely I know) slip straight into place using existing connections? :confused: