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  1. Ducati Monster 821
    Hi, I just sold my Ninja 300SE it was my first bike, I did 32000km on it, had it from new, not bad bike for a 300cc. I ordered 821 and picking it 3 feb. cant wait :) It will be so diffeent then little ninja i guess. Anyway, I know you can lower seat, I will get that done, but is it lowering...
  2. Ducati Monster 821
    Hi all Just got a new 821 the other day, been loving it so far. One question I was hoping someone here might know- I'm trying to lower the adjustable seat to its lowest possible position. I've removed the 4 square spacers but I'd also like to lower the front of the seat as well, and I was told...
  3. For Sale/Wanted
    Brand new never used ride height adjuster for your 848, 1098, or 1198. $40 including shipping to you CONUS.
1-3 of 3 Results