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  1. 2010 848 shutting off at idle?

    Ducati Discussion
    My 848 evo will start and randomly stall out and when I rev it just a tad it’s idol will fall down to about 1150 to 1250 then of course it will stall. It does this pretty much exact same thing in this video
  2. (Help Fuel Leak) :)

    Ducati Discussion
    That smiley face is my desperation kicking in. Just bought a Ducati 1 month ago and feel like it's just one thing after another of bad strokes of luck. Anyways I got this breather pipe leaking fuel and I don't know what it connects to or how to fix the issue?! Everything on the tank side was...
  3. Chain Snapped Monster is now totalled

    2000 Ducati Monster sie 900 Reaching out to fellow riders. Here is my story in a nut shell. Ducati changed my chain and sprocket 1k ago Chain snapped at the master link cracking the case I did not go back at "500 miles" to adjust, so they aren't taking full responsibility. Which was not on...
  4. New to the forum, need help with my 10' 1198S!

    Ducati Discussion
    My 1198S has been having some issues while riding. From 1st through 6th gear Everytime it hits 4k-7k rpms, the bike loses all power, and starts to jerk and lag. After turning the throttle all the way, it rips out of the lag and launches full blast. This started to happen after my groomsmen...