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  1. 899 Panigale 2015

    Hi there, I've recently bought a 899 from a salvage auction. The barrel has been removed and it hasn't come with keys. Is it possible to call Ducati with a the serial number and the barrel and keys to match the immobiliser and seat key? Any ideas on how to get this roadworthy the least...
  2. 1199 e-lock problem

    1199 Panigale
    I've lost both my keys like an idiot but purchased a blank from ducati. The guy at the desk assured me they could program the blank to my bike so i sent her up there. Now the techs are saying that they can't do it and I now have to buy a new dash and ignition for around a breezy one thousand...
  3. 1998 748 not starting

    I'm needing some advice trouble shooting the reason my 1998 748 won't start. What I've done so far. History. After replacing a failure and short in the connector from the stator to the Voltage Regulator rectifier while on the road the bike ran just fine. I tested the VR with a Mulitmeter...
  4. Ignition problems on my 96' 900ss

    Hey guys, I'm relatively new as a Ducati owner which I am beginning to understand is both heaven and hell. Went by the garage last week to start my bike, when pressing the starterbutton I thought the starterengine sounded kinda' tired. The engine turned for a couple of revs but came to a...
  5. 1098 Starting & Running issues

    I picked up a well-used 1098 the other day which evidently has some issues... Firstly it struggles to start, and needs a bit of throttle and holding at a few thousand revs to keep running. I managed to ride it a few miles up the road to check the thing out, and there was no power or throttle...
  6. '02 ST2 Wont Start Up/No Power

    Sport Touring
    Just started riding and I am proud to have a Ducati as my first! I think I got a good deal - 17k miles, 1 owner, no damage, great price. Previous owner tried to jump it with a car battery and apperently fried something. I have no clue what it is but upon prelim testing we think it might be...