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  1. 1098/1198
    Could anyone provide me with detailed instructions on how to reflash a ecu and remove the immobilizer from a 2008 1098 I’m not very tech smart I’m just about to order the cables Any input would be appreciated Thanks Ps excuse my poor punctuation or lack of.
  2. Ducati Discussion
    Hello i just bought a 2008 Ducati 1098 without keys or code card i thought it was gonna be an easy project Doesn’t look like it though but i saw some information on Rewiring the starter to bypass the immobilizer is that a viable option? Thank you for your time. Your help would be greatly...
  3. Technical
    Hello, first post but excited to be part of the community. Please forgive all my past Suzuki mingling and accept me as an enthused entrant into these realms. I just (6.5 hrs. ago) bought a 2006 ST3S ABS, DP CF cans, DP ECU, Red, 6,000 miles, all original keys, manuals, but no key card (not sure...
1-3 of 3 Results