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  1. seeking Help / Advise : Motorcycle Accident

    Ducati Discussion
    couple days ago my 848 was hit by a car that was backing up. The motorcycle was parked and I was not present on the bike. The bike was obviously liad down on its side and had some minor damage to the body; fender damaged, mirrors cracked, peggs bent, etc My question 1. Will the insurance...
  2. Buying Back Bike from Insurance Co.s

    Ducati Discussion
    Buying Bike Back from Insurance Co.s Hello f'ds, Unfortunately, I'd a minor crash in the back country roads of WA & although the initial damages didn't look that bad, the repair estimate I recently got will most likely make it a total loss. :green:...at least from an insurance perspective...
  3. Insurance coverage

    So, yesterday I didn't give my tires a chance to warm up and got on the throttle a little harder than I should have and my 848 lost control and went down. Does anyone know if this will fall under comprehensive or collision when I call my insurance on Monday? :mad::bash: