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  1. (Help Fuel Leak) :)

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    That smiley face is my desperation kicking in. Just bought a Ducati 1 month ago and feel like it's just one thing after another of bad strokes of luck. Anyways I got this breather pipe leaking fuel and I don't know what it connects to or how to fix the issue?! Everything on the tank side was...
  2. WTB: Oil Pressure Sensor 748/916/996/998

    WTB an Oil Pressure Sensor for a 748/916/996/998. Mine appears to be leaking. Thanks in advance.
  3. Can you tell what this fluid is?

    2013 Diavel Only 3900km We have had some record hot days recently and I did see engine temps get into "Hi" warning range for a little while until I could get out of rush hour traffic. Thanks for any help, detectives!
  4. What can/should be done to fix the tank expansion issue on my '98 848 at this point?

    Hey guys it appears that my 2008 848 w/ 4,000 miles is suffering from the issue of tank expansion. Two years ago the pearl white gas tank was stained beyond repair from fuel/fumes leaking from the gas cap. It leaked onto the tank while sitting in my garage over a hot summer. I repainted the tank...
  5. Ducati Monster M600 (2001) Oil gushing out right hand of engine

    Hi guys First poster here.... On my first ride today with the monster i noticed that I had oil over my boot and the stuff was spewing out whilst the engine was running. Does anyone have any idea how this could be fixed? It seemed to be coming near the breather hose, but I am unsure. Thanks
  6. engine oil leak question

    I have had my 2004 Ducati 749 dark for only about 4 months. I'm the second owner, and I started noticing a burning smell last week. I saw some smoke in my headlamp when I came home at night, but didn't do anything about it yet. I just replaced the headlights and didn't know if it had to do...
  7. 848 leaked blue fluid HELP!!

    I came out to the garage after my bike was running for about 15 minutes to see a puddle of blue fluid directly under my bike. Upon further discovery i find a small rubber hose that has come disconnected and hanging directly below the headers. Can anyone tell me what this fluid is and where the...
  8. The Infamous Tank Expansion...and Then Some

    Alright, new to Ducati, last bike was a Triumph Daytona 675. So I purchased a 2011 848 EVO. I absolutely love the bike, minus the complete SHIT tank. Can't believe an esteemed organization would use this plastic tank over aluminum. (I know about the aluminum tank...I wish I could spend $2,300...
  9. 1198 Smoking on startup with a whirring noise..

    Gents, Without further adieu and many hours of reading all the posts on this forum, which have helped immensely... I have one that I have not seen... First of all... The 1198 sometimes... smokes/steams on startup from the area right below the ignition, I like to drive this as a daily driver and...

    So one day I started my bike put it into first gear and drove 5 feet before it turning off. I started it again and didn't want to run. It turns over and I can hear the fuel pump engaging like any other time you start a Ducati. I smelled gas so I didn't want to keep starting it due to safety...
  11. water pump leak

    First let me start by sayng ive used the search, however didnt find the answers i was looking for. So a few weeks back I laid down my bike and the water pump cover got some minor scratches. Now Ive noticed water/ coolant leaking from the upper left bolt area next to the outlet. I know that they...
  12. Radiator Leak fix?

    I just purchased my 2009 1198S about a week ago and was informed of a small oil leak possibly coming from a torn gasket. The leak presents itself just inside the left fairing opening. I stripped the bike this evening and noticed that the leak was not in fact oil but coolant, this was figured due...