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  1. Lever issue

    Hi there. i just got my first bike monster 659 (2013) about a week ago. I rode a few times without any issues but now most times after starting I have the following issue: When it's in gear and let the lever go there is no traction what so ever. I can just let the lever go and the engine will...
  2. HM Quickshifter 848 EVO

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has experiance with the HM Quickshifter Lever, I would like to fit it on a 848 EVO since the original Performance lever is not available anymore... http://www.hmracing.co.uk/shop/4-hm-quickshifter-lever/ Thanks in advance :dance:
  3. Ducati 1198 Clutch Lever and Rear Rim

    Ducati OEM Brembo Front Clutch Lever. Clutch lever is off my 2009 Ducati 1198. It is in great condition. No scratches, not bent or broken. $60 shipping included. Also have a Enkei Rear Rim. Rim has 6,200 miles on it. Few chips in the paint but the rim is straight and in overall good condition...
  4. Need shifter foot pedal

    Hello ducati riders, I had the sticking shifter problem and now I need a clutch shifter the other one is all bent. Any offers? Thanks!
  5. Need left side body fairing and shift lever

    Felt like a real ass tonight hitting some black ice and dropping one of my best friends. (my 848). Anyhow I bent the shift lever and need a new one. Any shift lever will do. The body fairing is also messed up so looking for one in black matte. Would really appreciate any help on finding a good...
  6. WTB 09 848 Fairings + Clutch Lever+ kickstand

    For Sale/Wanted
    i Need for a red 09 848 full tail fairing, complete front fairing, and upper left hand fairing, clutch lever and kick stand. THANKS! i hope to hear from someone soon!