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  1. 848 Evo - Rear brake light not working (front brake and running lights OK)

    Hi All, This is probably a dumb maintenance query but worth an ask before paying money to be looked at funny / failing my upcoming MOT. My 2011 848 Evo is stock apart from Termi slipons. The rear brake doesn't seem to light up the brake light. It used to (I regularly check) and the running...
  2. 848, 1098, 1198 OEM Tail-light & Signals

    I'm selling mint-condition OEM tail-light and turn signal assembly. Asking for $30, plus $10 shipping. Thanks - Gary
  3. 848, 1098, 1198 Corse Tail

    848, 1098, 1198 Corse Track Tail. I bought this tail with intension to use it at the track. This is a Ducati factory part with no cracks or broken tabs. It's not a perfect tail; it has some flaws and scuffs. It is all factory paint. I had a body shop enclose the tail-light section with aluminum...
  4. Ducati 749 Gauge Backlight Problem

    Hey guys! I have a problem with my 749s. The backlight of the gauge isn't working. It's like the light is out. No problem during the day because I can see the speedo clearly, but at night I can't see the analog. I used it last night and it flickered. It seemed like the light was gonna go on for...