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  1. Technical
    Given a second-hand bought M796, which has been modded with LED bulbs instead of the OEM ones. (not by me) Noticed during the night, that the high-beam is actually brightens the sides of the road and NOT the way in front of me (aka there's still a huge blind spot in the center). I'd say that...
  2. Parts
    = = 1199 R parts - Garage Sale! all in Perfect Condition By the way guys. I will ONLY ship to Confirmed PayPal addresses. No exceptions. Thanks! Bike is track-exclusive so all the parts off the bike and those I've purchased :( is up for sale. This isn't all of it but most of it. I will...
  3. 848
    I was working on the bike when it fell over on its left side not very hard I tried to catch it falling and softened the fall a bit but now there's a big problem I picked the bike back up checked it out and shifter was bent inward quite a bit. Let it sit then turned it on everything pops up on...
  4. Europe
    Hi everyone :smoking: has anyone tried to connect low and high beam lights so that both can stay on when you select high beam? and if so, did you get a melt down from the high temperature?
1-4 of 4 Results