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  1. 999/749
    Does anyone in the US have a parts bike or crashed 749. My bike needs a new keys/key assembly gauge cluster and ECU. If anyone can help please let me know thanks
  2. How-tos
    I have recently moved and swore I left my key in the ignition in my garage, however on return to the bike it was no longer there:confused:It was the last key I had:mad:The question is, what can I do now. Is it easy to get a replacement? Im concerned. because I have seen some rather large numbers...
  3. Technical
    hi my brothers 996 is in the building basement and he seems to have lost my keys . the batterys dead and the bikes been standing for almost 3 months now , is there any way i can hotwire the bike to start it and just get it out of the basement ?? or mayb if i wanna get a copy of the key done? i...
1-3 of 3 Results