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  1. Monster 1200/821 Panniers

    For Sale/Wanted
    This pannier kit is as close to new as you'll find. It was used very sparingly and is in excellent condition. Ducati wants $1,391, but this will be at you door shipped $850 CONUS. Please check the below Fit List to ensure the panniers will fit your scoot. Right Left Backsides Rack...
  2. Monster 1200 Tank Bag

    Ducati Monster 1200
    I am in the process of acquiring a 1200 Monster, which I intend to ride home across a few state lines (I am in the U.S.). I have concluded that I will need a tank bag for this trip and perhaps for later riding. If you have a tank bag, which one do you have and how do you like it? How did it...
  3. Laguna Seca Trip

    I'm leaving Calgary, Alberta on my 1198S on July 25th with two other riders; one on a Apprilia Tuono, and another on a BMW GS800. We are heading through Portland Oregon, and then down the West coast to end up in Monterey California on July 27th for the Laguna Seca MotoGP race on July 29th. The...
  4. Hyper Bags for sale

    For Sale/Wanted
    Official Ducati performance bag set fits all 796 and 1100/S/evo Hypermotard models. Used once, in new condition. Includes the tank cover and bag mount, quick release tank bag and both side bags. Can be used in any combination. Tank Cover - $252.30 msrp Tank Bag – $252.30 msrp Side Bags –...
  5. Luggage for M696

    Hello all, sorry if this has been discussed before, but Im new to the forum and to the whole Ducati thing. I have done the search and found nothing regarding my question close enough. I actually dont own a Ducati myself. What brings me here is my sister, who owns a Monster 696 and asked me...