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  1. 916/996/998/748
    I was taking apart the master cyclinder to clean and I lost the spring that goes into the rubber seal. Does anyone know where I can get another specific one?
  2. Technical
    I replaced the slave cylinder, and flushed the fluid for the clutch on my 2012 Hyper 796. Ever since then, with the bike off and in first, it takes a few pumps before I can push the bike, and after that, there is still a lot of drag. I have been using a Mityvac, and there were no bubbles when...
  3. 848
    Anyone rebuild their break master cylinder before. Is it hard? Any videos out there. Thanks a bunch!
  4. Monster
    Due the design flaw of having the bleeder screw on the lowest point of the rear caliper on the S4R, it seems to rarely ever hold pressure for more than a month or so without having to be bled. In order to avoid having to remove the caliper and do all of the old tricks to bleed it on a regular...
  5. For Sale/Wanted
    Currently building a 748 for the track. Really pushing to knock it out before the weekend but unfortunately my master cyclinder was not for the challenge. And so I'm on the search for a Front Master Cylinder for a 748.
1-5 of 5 Results