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  1. Technical
    I purchased some sweet titanium caliper spacers that replace the silly OEM ones that come with a reflector attached. I'm ready and able to swap them out, but the front brake calipers are probably the most important thing possible to not screw up... Photo: Does anyone know the torque specs...
  2. Australia
    I'm sure it's been discussed before but by the look of it, not for a while. 1st, does it really matter if my local is not an official ducati mechanic? 2nd, Any advice on who to use otherwise? thanks from a nubie.
  3. Technical
    Hello, Local cycle shop (non Ducati dealership) says I need new fuel injectors for my 2004 Monster S4R. Does anyone have a good source for new or refurb? How about a qualified mechanic in the Ann Arbor / Detroit area? THX KC
  4. Ducati Discussion
    Today I'm picking up my 2011 848 evo. I'll try to post some pics. My only concern is finding someone in brooklyn, ny who works on duc's, Any recommendation for good mechanics in the Brooklyn and Queens area? I wouldn't want to go to the stealership in long island for minor repairs (i.e. tire...
1-4 of 4 Results