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  1. Ducati 848 Evo Corse SE Right Mirror

    Hi Guys; i m looking for Ducati 848 Evo Corse Se original right mirror. condition can be Brand New or used. doesnt matter. if you have please contact to me. mail : [email protected]
  2. 848 mirrors

    I recently purchased an '08 848 and noticed that the mirrors don't fold in. Is there an after-market replacement that fold in? Im having trouble finding any. I'm not interested in bar mirrors.
  3. CRG Arrows or Lane Splitters?

    Ducati Monster 821
    When attempting to use the stock mirrors on my M821 I have to either tuck in my elbow or look under my arm to see anything. Next season I want to get the Arrows or the Lane splitters, bother made by CRG. Any advice on which would look better on a Monster and what position to put them? Btw, I...