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  1. Technical
    So I'm looking into putting on new footpegs with the brake and shifter on them and I don't where to start. I've found some that I like but worry about the quality or them not fitting. These are the footpegs that I'm looking into and was wondering if anyone had any input on them or suggestions?
  2. How-tos
    I am working on a '03 748s. The bike does not have bodywork, instruments, seat and fuel tank. The owner bought a Monster 797 fuel tank. How difficult would be to adapt the tank. The 748 has a return hose and the monster doesn't. Any ideas?
  3. 848
    Hey, I was after some advice/info regarding the clutch on my 848 evo. I just bought the bike and will have it home next week...so doing the typical 'what can I do to it' googling! I have an M900 monster fitted with an open slipper clutch which performs great and looks badass and was thinking...
  4. Monster
    Hi, im going to buy a S2R, but i want to replace the original handlebar. I want a supermoto handlebar. Someone of you got one specific brand to recommend (with picture please :-) )
  5. Ducati Discussion
    I'm trying to identify the mod's on this Streetfighter. If you know or think you know what all has been modified, please post your knowledge. -Jeff
  6. 848
    howdy, I'll start off by saying I'm a new member to the site but have been using it as a reference in my... quest to buy a new 848 EVO. I'm hoping some of you more experienced/knowledgeable ducati owners can answer some questions for me. I'm deployed and am paying for a 848 EVO in order to have...
1-6 of 7 Results