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  1. Question - Ducati 600 SS Modification

    Hey all, first time poster. I have a Ducati SS which i have had for about 5 years and i am looking to make some modifications to it, similar to the ones done on the following SS. Ducati Super Sport 600 | By Marco Artizzu I am in contact with a team that does modifications but they have told...
  2. Newbie Here! Hyper 821 SP

    Hello all, I just purchased my first Ducati, a second-hand 2014 Hypermotard 821 SP. And I rode it for the first time today! What an interesting bike. I almost always wear my earbuds and music to block most of the wind and motor sounds. Today, I found myself pulling them out to listen to this...
  3. Motodemic Headlight Conversion

    Ducati Monster 821
    So I did this mod when it first came out in June. I thought I would love it, but I actually missed the stock headlight. So I put the stock headlight back on and am willing to sell the mod if anyone is interested. Very bright light. Much brighter than stock. Install is super easy and...
  4. CRG Arrows or Lane Splitters?

    Ducati Monster 821
    When attempting to use the stock mirrors on my M821 I have to either tuck in my elbow or look under my arm to see anything. Next season I want to get the Arrows or the Lane splitters, bother made by CRG. Any advice on which would look better on a Monster and what position to put them? Btw, I...
  5. So you just bought a new 848, what do you do first?

    Well considering I'm getting my new Corse SE 2013 in April and being new to Ducati, i was wondering what kind of mods you guys do off the bat to enhance your experience? In general, what do you do? Exhausts? Grips? Levers? Seat? Fender eliminator? for people who would buy the standard 848...