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  1. Bikes
    2006 Ducati 749S Monoposto with Termiglioni Exhaust and Marchesini rims/wheels 1453 Original Miles. Bike was purchased from original owner in NY and shipped to California in January 2016 with 1082 miles. The bike was ridden through 2017 and then parked. I am selling the bike on behalf of my...
  2. Bikes
    I'm looking to buy a 1997 Ducati 916 Mono. I purchased one new back in 97 and unfortunately had to sell it when times got tough. Fast forward to now, and I want to get it back! Only a 97 Mono will do . . . it's an emotional thing. Pete 909.944.9701 [email protected]
  3. For Sale/Wanted
    I need to sell my bike or trade for a touring bike. The bike has a little over 8000 miles and is in great condition. It's Ducati red and is pretty much stock everything. Let me know if you're interested. I'm looking to get $5900.
  4. 999/749
    I have a 06 749s that has the mono subframe and im looking for a trade to get the biposto. any takers? if your serious i can get you my email and we can take it from there. thanks! Ethan
1-4 of 4 Results