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monster 1100
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  1. Sport Classic
    Hey All, hoping for some personal experience. I have a 2009 M1100 which I love riding, especially as my daily commuter which is only about 10km in traffic. For me, it is light enough, nimble enough and has a nice torque spread right where I need it to carve through the tin tops. However, I have...
  2. Australia
    Hi all, After "riding" on a Vespa, I've decided it was time to upgrade to a real bike. I've rented a 250 ninja 2 weeks ago and had great fun. Now, I've always been attracted by the design of the Ducati which are clearly the most sexiest bikes in the worlds. I'm looking at renting the 848 evo...
  3. Technical
    Hey, I'm new here on the forums, and I did some looking for a thread on this but didn't see anything. I have an 09 M1100s that I just did the break in oil change and I put on the full termi system. Since I did the system the bike has run great under accel and decel, but at a constant speed...
1-3 of 3 Results