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  1. Monster 1200/821 Panniers

    For Sale/Wanted
    This pannier kit is as close to new as you'll find. It was used very sparingly and is in excellent condition. Ducati wants $1,391, but this will be at you door shipped $850 CONUS. Please check the below Fit List to ensure the panniers will fit your scoot. Right Left Backsides Rack...
  2. Brake Caliper bolts torque For a 2006 Monster 695

    Can anyone tell me the torque setting for front brake Caliper bolts on a 2006 Monster 695?
  3. FS Ducati Streetfighter carbon fiber fender $150

    For Sale/Wanted
    For sale like new Ducati streetfighter carbon fender Also works with Ducati monster and Superbike I put it on once but didnt like the look on my streetfighter, no scratces or blemishes Ship to CONUS only
  4. Ducati Monster 796 2012 start up issue

    Hello, so I haven't switched on my bike for about 3-4 months, and now when I try to switch it on, I hear this ticking sound from the front side and also the dash light keeps going on and off. I assumed it would be the battery being dead because I haven't switched it on for a very long time, but...
  5. 1996 Ducati m900

    Hello all, I am a new motorcycle rider so please bear with me as I have so many questions. So first off, I bought an m900 as my first real bike (yes yes, some of you may say its stupid but I did it anyway). I just have so many questions. If you could help answer any of my questions, it would be...
  6. Monster S2R 1000 pre-silencer

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I am working on restoring a 2007 Ducati Monster S2R 1000, and I am looking for a used pre-silencer/catalyzer (OEM part#: 572.1.028.1B or 572.1.028.1C). If anyone has one to sell, please let me know. Thanks a lot guys!
  7. WTB Termignoni Exhaust for my Monster 821

    Ducati Monster 821
    Hi guys, I'm new here and just got my Monster 821 last week, and loving it so far. The bike rides great and sounds awesome, but after moving from a Termignoni 1098, it feels like it needs an upgrade. Been hard looking for a Termignoni system but it definitely sounds awesome. Hook me up if you...
  8. Monster 1100s engine cut-off

    Hi Guys, I would appreciate your help with an issue I'm having on my 2009 Ducati Monster 1100s. I'll start with describing the problem: Under hard acceleration the engine won't rev higher than ~ 6000 rpm, it actually feels like there is a sudden ignition cut off for both cylinders – the bike...
  9. 1995 Ducati M900 Monster Service Manual

    I'm new to the site and just bought my first Ducati. It is a 95 m900 project bike. It has been sitting for 10 years in a garage. I am going to need to replace a lot of parts (brake, clutch and fuel lines to name a few). I have been looking for owner and repair manuals with no luck. Does anyone...
  10. Monster 1200 Tank Bag

    Ducati Monster 1200
    I am in the process of acquiring a 1200 Monster, which I intend to ride home across a few state lines (I am in the U.S.). I have concluded that I will need a tank bag for this trip and perhaps for later riding. If you have a tank bag, which one do you have and how do you like it? How did it...
  11. New OEM seat - Monster S2R/S4R

    Ducati OEM SEAT Part# 59510361D This seat is new. Has never been installed. Purchased for Monster S2R1000 - should be the same for all S2R/S4R/S4RS and maybe other Monsters (check with a Ducati shop to make sure). $230 shipped (within contiguous U.S.)
  12. 06 620 monster motor issue

    the rocker arm is broken on the horizontal head and it cracked the cover plate. the belt is stripped and before all that happened it was making a ticking noise on that head. im guessing bent valves, new rocker arms. and god knows what else, any ideas on what caused it? was running fine. it broke...
  13. WTB - Leo Vince GP EVO II Exhaust - 696

    Looking for the Leo Vince GP Style EVO II exhaust for the 696. I know it is discontinued but really trying to find the set up. Message me.
  14. Lost all 659 Monster Keys

    I have recently moved and swore I left my key in the ignition in my garage, however on return to the bike it was no longer there:confused:It was the last key I had:mad:The question is, what can I do now. Is it easy to get a replacement? Im concerned. because I have seen some rather large numbers...
  15. Ducati Monster M600 (2001) Oil gushing out right hand of engine

    Hi guys First poster here.... On my first ride today with the monster i noticed that I had oil over my boot and the stuff was spewing out whilst the engine was running. Does anyone have any idea how this could be fixed? It seemed to be coming near the breather hose, but I am unsure. Thanks
  16. 821 in the rain

    Ducati Monster 821
    Our rainy season is about to hit and I am a little worried about riding my 821 in the rain. Should I be concerned about the electronics if I get caught in a downpour? Anything specific to Ducs I should be worried about? Thanks!
  17. Monster 1100 EVO Diesel wanted

    Anyone have one they're lookin to get rid of? Serious buyer, cash on hand.
  18. 1100s Buying Advice

    Hi guys looking a purchasing an 09 1100s. Its done 27,000 Km. - Is there any common major flaws that are present in this model at this mileage? - Is there any upcoming major service work due at this mileage and whats the cost? Basically I'm just trying to factor this in when considering the...
  19. CRG Arrows or Lane Splitters?

    Ducati Monster 821
    When attempting to use the stock mirrors on my M821 I have to either tuck in my elbow or look under my arm to see anything. Next season I want to get the Arrows or the Lane splitters, bother made by CRG. Any advice on which would look better on a Monster and what position to put them? Btw, I...
  20. Need new s2r rim black or place to fix bend

    Can anybody tell me a places to get a new or used rim preferable not for 700 dollars. Or have the one I have with a small bend in it fixed😀?:)