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monster 620

  1. 2004 MONSTER 620: Looking for Front right Fork.

    hello there, i've been looking for a front right fork for a while now with little to no luck online. i think this might be because of how old my bike is now. if someone is selling a fork or could point me in the direction of a seller i would appreciate it. just cant wait to get back out there as...
  2. Monster clutch issue

    Hey all, I went to replace my clutch the other day in my monster and notice a bent washer inside. Any idea on how this could happen or if it will be an issue??? Cheers, Cornelius
  3. 06 620 monster motor issue

    the rocker arm is broken on the horizontal head and it cracked the cover plate. the belt is stripped and before all that happened it was making a ticking noise on that head. im guessing bent valves, new rocker arms. and god knows what else, any ideas on what caused it? was running fine. it broke...
  4. Front forks

    i am wondering if the forks for M620 (2003 model) are the same size & can fit the M600 (2003 model)