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monster 695

  1. Free: 695 Monster wheel black

    I was cleaning out the garage recently and found an old wheel from my '07 695 Monster. The bike has been gone for a while, the wheel was replaced after a low slide accident. At the time I know I had to fight insurance to even replace it as they said it was fine. It has a slight dent with rash on...
  2. Monster 695 - trouble removing sprocket retaining plate

    I want to change the chain and sprockets on my 2007 monster 695. I'm having trouble getting the retaining plate from the front sprocket off of the shaft from the gearbox. The manual says to simply remove this plate from the shaft, but mine just won't come off. My best guess is that the plate...
  3. Parts wanted 2007 Monster 695

    Hey Guys looking for anyone who has parts for sale for my 07' Monster 695. Frame sliders, seat cowl, fender eliminator and any other extra add -ons they want to sell. I am in the Windsor, Ontario area :drummer:
  4. 2007 Ducati M695 - NYC

    For Sale/Wanted
    For Sale: Bike: 2007 Ducati Monster 695 Location: Brooklyn, NY Odometer: ~6,500 miles Price: $5,000 OBO Mods: - Ducati Engine Performance Kit (Termignoni carbon fiber exhaust, Marelli ECU, high efficiency air filter) - installed by Ducati Soho - Frame sliders - Pazzo shorty brake and clutch...