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  1. Monster
    2000 Ducati Monster sie 900 Reaching out to fellow riders. Here is my story in a nut shell. Ducati changed my chain and sprocket 1k ago Chain snapped at the master link cracking the case I did not go back at "500 miles" to adjust, so they aren't taking full responsibility. Which was not on...
  2. Monster
    I recently bought a nicely preserved 2001 Monster 900S IE. Along with the bike came a bunch of parts and pieces. It is hard for me to know what is worth keeping and what should be sold to someone who would get real use out of it. Not to mention what the stuff is worth. Here is a short list (no...
  3. Monster
    Just purchased a 2002 Monster 900ie, my first Ducati. The bike has Remus exhaust and an IAW 5.9M ECU. Don't know if anything has been done to the ECU. The bike came out of Texas, and I live at 7300 ft elevation in northern NM. Does the ECU autotune for elevation, and if so, how long does it...
1-3 of 3 Results