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  1. New owner - just wanted to say Hi.

    Ducati Monster 821
    Hi everyone! After a break of nearly 20 years from my original Monster 900S I've decided to get another one. My first monster was unreliable to say the least. Clutches mainly but problems also included a snapped belt on my way home from a new belt service and constant rear brake light issues...
  2. 848 laid down

    This hurts me be writing this but here it goes, I was 5 miles from being home after a 80 mile ride. I came to a red light off the access road, and there was a pickup truck in front of me that had water coming out from the bed of his truck. Once the light turned green he accelerated and it was a...
  3. New member here ;)

    Ducati Discussion
    Hello all, my first time on this forum. What a great place for Ducati ownders. I have just purchased a 2013 848 EVO and love it, although it is so different from the R6 I used to ride. I posted a photo of it here: http://www.ducati.org/forums/848/6006-your-848-picture-294.html#post718416...
  4. Is the 996 too much??

    Ducati Discussion
    So hello to all the Ducati fans. I have been bitten by the bug, want to buy a 996 that I found, it has 3,500 miles, all looks good on it. Just one concern I am 35 and last time I rode a bike was for about 20 minutes when I was 19 (Ninja 250), so here is the question, is this bike to much for a...