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new rider

  1. Questions from a new guy

    Hello Everyone, This is my dream motorcycle, and am just learning how to ride. So I know I'm not ready yet, but wanted to ask you experienced riders a few questions. 1, How long did you ride for before you got on a Ducati superbike? 2, What is a good stepping stone bike, or a few, before...
  2. moving up to a sreetfighter 848

    Street Fighter
    I'm quite sorry, it seems you guys are saturated in questions like this. But i was wondering if it would seem reasonible to move up to a SF848 with my history of riding. I have been riding for a little over a year now, starting on a 250 and moving up to a nc700sa. I have around 4500km under my...
  3. EVO 848 Consideration as First Bike

    I know these threads are just everywhere over the internet. But I'm not looking to hear something specific, just honest opinions. The Ducati brand is what got me interested in street riding, and sport bikes, like Ducati is what did it for me. To me, Ducatis are the Lamborghinis of sport...