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  1. Ducati Monster 821
    Hey all, Just bought a new 2016 Monster 821 and was hoping to get a little input on the following aftermarket exhausts, regarding db levels, problems with cops when riding without attracting attention, etc... : Competition Werkes Termignonis (decat slip-ons vs full system) SC-project Conic...
  2. United Kingdom
    I'm looking to do a track day at Oulton Park but they have a 105db limit and i've no idea how loud my 848 is with termi slip-ons, has anyone had theres tested? Cheers
  3. Technical
    2008 848 17,000 mi I've just put everything back together after a doing my valve adjustment and during idle the engine has gotten a lot louder from what I remember. The ticking sound is easily heard when you get close to each cylinder. My initial measurements showed the exhaust closers out of...
1-3 of 3 Results