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  1. 959 Panigale
  2. Parts
    looking for a pair of undamaged OEM rider (or passenger) footpegs from a 1299 or 959 panigale. please pm me with cost shipped to 90015.
  3. Parts
    I am selling 848 EVO CORSE OEM ECU. The OEM ECU came off my bike at the 10K mile mark. I'm asking 150USD. Prices negotiable. Local pickups welcomed in the LA/OC California area. :dance: DP ECU - SOLD!
  4. Technical
    Hello, I purchased an EVR basket and plates for my 1198sp (13k Miles). This is the first time I have worked on a clutch. I removed the pressure plate, nut, spring, drum, but the "flange" (as Ducati calls it) will not come off. Is it threaded? Or should I just be able to pull it off? If I...
  5. For Sale/Wanted
    I've been searching high and low for a good deal on the Ducati Performance fitted cover for my Red Carbon. As you all know these are pretty spendy, but I managed to buy out a dealer's stock, so I've got a few left over to sell. You won't find a better price, not even on eBay! BRAND NEW...
  6. For Sale/Wanted
    Hey i'm looking for a OEM pearl white front fairing for my '08 848 i'm looking to buy used but not covered in scratches. I'd rather buy it from the UK but if i have to i'll get one from aboard. If you could suggest anywhere that might have it it would be a big help. Cheers, Liam
  7. For Sale/Wanted
    Finally got around to taking pics of my OEM 1198 parts that I either a) replaced before I road the bike or b) replaced within a few hundred miles of having the bike. Parts would be shipped from New Jersey... let me know if you're interested! **SOLD*** OEM REAR PLATE BRACKET BLINKERS - $30 -...
  8. For Sale/Wanted
    Following parts are from a 2010 red 1198s and in good condition. LH Upper fairing - $250 LH Lower fairing - $200 Stock cans - $250 Rear plate and indicators - $100 Stock ecu - $150 If interested, please pm me...
1-8 of 8 Results