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oil change

  1. To torque or not to torque

    Hey guys. I am starting to get mechanical and am going to do my own oil changes. After reading many of the posts on this matter, i would like some feedback or opinions on wether or not to use a torque wrench for the oil drain plug. Who does and doesn't and why. And I'm not being cheap, I am...
  2. Oil, oil filter and magnets

    I was just curious what oil everyone prefers to use in their ducati 848 evo or its counterparts. I always used royal purple in my other bikes and this is my first ducati. Also do you have preferences on oil filters? Does anyone use an oils filter magnet; if so what brand? I would like to get one.
  3. To ride or not?

    I have a lil over 800 miles on my duc and my scheduled appointment with the dealer is in two weeks. I'm not sure if I should let the bike sit during perfect riding weather and :cry: or take it out and feel :D . Should I change oil my self (of course with help from the forum) and get it done...
  4. Bronze particles in oil strainer

    Hi Guys. Dropped the oil on my 1098 today and found a fair bit of bronze particles in the sump oil. No magnetic particles. I cut open the oil filter and there were a few flecks of bronze there but not a lot. I removed the suction strainer and there are a few largish bits there. It says big end...