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  1. Oil Filter Cap Not Tightening - 10' Monster 696

    I recently replaced the oil filter and oil filter cartridge on my 2010 Monster 696 ABS. I also had to replace the original cap where the oil filter is located cause the outer frame of the cap broke off. I tried to install a new OEM Cap #1 (Part #: 87310371A - THREADED PLUG M32X1.5) and it...
  2. WTB: Oil Pressure Sensor 748/916/996/998

    WTB an Oil Pressure Sensor for a 748/916/996/998. Mine appears to be leaking. Thanks in advance.
  3. 36 month service

    Street Fighter
    Just been quoted $835.63 from the Dealer for a 36 month service on my 2013 Streetfighter 848, a little on the high side I think; of course most of the cost is labour, $517.50. Anyway I want to do the oil and coolant change myself. I have watched a number of Utube videos and both activities seem...
  4. Ducati Monster M600 (2001) Oil gushing out right hand of engine

    Hi guys First poster here.... On my first ride today with the monster i noticed that I had oil over my boot and the stuff was spewing out whilst the engine was running. Does anyone have any idea how this could be fixed? It seemed to be coming near the breather hose, but I am unsure. Thanks
  5. engine oil leak question

    I have had my 2004 Ducati 749 dark for only about 4 months. I'm the second owner, and I started noticing a burning smell last week. I saw some smoke in my headlamp when I came home at night, but didn't do anything about it yet. I just replaced the headlights and didn't know if it had to do...
  6. PLEASE HELP 848 wont start

    turn key everything lights up as normal except oil light and exclamation yellow light is on and the bike wont start not turn or anything. the bike is stripped with no farings so i thought maybe something disconnected wont let it start im not sure any help greatly appreciated.
  7. Oil, oil filter and magnets

    I was just curious what oil everyone prefers to use in their ducati 848 evo or its counterparts. I always used royal purple in my other bikes and this is my first ducati. Also do you have preferences on oil filters? Does anyone use an oils filter magnet; if so what brand? I would like to get one.