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  1. NEW Ducati Company Leather pants - size 56 (Euro) - for $290

    Bike Gear
    SOLD SOLD SOLD - NEW Ducati Company Leather pants - size 56 (Euro) - for $230 SOLD SOLD SOLD Hello, Im' selling BRAND NEW Ducati Company leather pants for $230$ incl. shipping within continental US. They are European size 56. I bought them online, but they are too big for me. I'm...
  2. Used jackets pants and boots

    G'day Stumbled on this the other day. I was looking for some used jackets and found these guys selling jackets, boots and pants. I'm pretty sure they are insurance write off's because my mate used to buy damaged cars off their website that were insurance write off's...
  3. 1 piece track suit and pants

    For Sale/Wanted
    i have a mint, worn once! Corners made by AGV 1 piece suit, its black with yellow high light stitching, elbow, arm, rear hump is carbon fiber also. IT IS A SIZE 48/38. NO SCRATCHES OR WEAR. this is a $1500 suit. $700 obo. any questions fell free to pm or text 917-865-5868. located in nyc, pants...
  4. Ladies Alpinestars Red White and Blue Bostrom replica 2 pc leathers

    Other Classifieds
    Ladies Alpinestars Bostrom 2 pc leathers, gloves and Supertech boots Hello, I'm selling a set of ladies Alpinestars Bostrom red white and blue 2 pc. leathers. Only used on long weekend rides - maybe 8 or 10 days total. Very nice shape just doesn't fit me that well anymore. Size 8/ 42. $500...