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  1. Monster S2R 1000 pre-silencer

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I am working on restoring a 2007 Ducati Monster S2R 1000, and I am looking for a used pre-silencer/catalyzer (OEM part#: 572.1.028.1B or 572.1.028.1C). If anyone has one to sell, please let me know. Thanks a lot guys!
  2. Can someone please help me with advice on aftermarket exhaust?

    I am a first time Ducati owner, and first time poster on Ducati :), previously only owned japanese bikes, CBR1000RR GSXR 750 etc. I recently purchased a 2012 848 Evo. Love the look and power of the bike but I was looking to purchase an aftermarket exhaust. I really like the look of the 4 pipe...
  3. Pipes for my 620

    I need some pipes for my 620 I have need to make it look and sound better.
  4. Wanted bad

    Hi I am looking for 2 things for my 996. One I am looking for a race red or any color bi tail for it. And two I am looking for a par of carbon cans. Plz help ride season is almost here and the girl and I want to go ride
  5. QD ex-box exhaust?? has anyone fitted 1 to a 1000?

    ive been looking at pipes for my 1000sie and reckon if im gonna spend bucks on them i dont want to have to ditch them if the bike comes a cropper with the hard stuff. im thinking tuck em out of the way so they dont. wats the go with these ex-box's. i reckon they look cool, but has anyone heard...