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  1. 848 carbon fiber fairing set

    I have a carbon fiber fairing set for a 848/1098/1198 . It is a front fairing , upper sides , and a rear solo tail. I'm also throwing in a factory stock solo tail and Ducati seat pad in the set. Please don't ask me if I will separate the set, the answer is NO. I believe it is all Bestem USA if...
  2. F/S: 1198/1098/848 Body WOrk - Red

    For Sale - Stock 1198 Body Work in Red: Side Fairings $200.00 ea side. Nose Fairing $300.00. Fender $70.00. Tail Section $475.00. No belly pan as the dealer actually Lost it - Ducati Newport Beach as an FYI, otherwise it'd be a full set. I'd take $1000.00 for all of it picked up. All need to add...
  3. WTB Track Fairings for 848 Evo

    For Sale/Wanted
    As title states, let me know what you have! Thanks in advance! :popcorn: -Thomas
  4. 848 Evo (Dark) Fairings

    For Sale/Wanted
    All, Long time lurker but this is my first post...I have gotten a lot of valuable info from the board. Thanks to all! Anyway, I laid my baby down during my last track day unfortunately. Rather than repair the original fairings, I am going to get a set of track fairings (should have done that...