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  1. Slipping clutch or something else?

    Ducati Monster 1200
    Morning my Ducatistas' New to the family, and so far enjoying it. I'll get to the point and shall get back soon with footage. Basically, it seems under harder throttle, and aggressive full open throttle, the bike seems to (out of nowhere) over-rev for a split moment before the bike continues...
  2. TPS broken -> replace -> broken -> replace -> broken again...

    Hi lads, I'm already desperate with this motorbike. 2009 Ducati Streetfighter 1100S with 30000 miles. Symptoms and explanation: YouTube video of the problem here: https://youtu.be/m1wnuWbpj-o When turning on the bike and stopping at a STOP sign or traffic light the idle speed is crazy...
  3. PLEASE HELP 848 wont start

    turn key everything lights up as normal except oil light and exclamation yellow light is on and the bike wont start not turn or anything. the bike is stripped with no farings so i thought maybe something disconnected wont let it start im not sure any help greatly appreciated.
  4. This Ducati 999 sincerely makes me want to cry. Tears of PAIN.

    Ok, here goes. I'm in dire need of assistance right now... I have a 2006 Ducati 999 Base model with 8,000 miles. Termignoni Half Exhaust, and Ducati Performance clutch plate. High-Cap Battery cable mod. Also, a Shorai 18A battery. Those are the only mods. This bike has had a myriad of...
  5. 848 shifting problem

    Hey guys i'm having a problem with shifting after buying back my 848 from salvage. Long story short some guy made a left in front of my and I laid my 848 down on the left side at around 25-30mph. The problems seemed mostly cosmetic but cosmetic problems will total a Ducati in no time. I...
  6. Shipped to U.S. from Italy?

    Ducati Discussion
    I had purchased a passenger seat cowl for a 2011 848evo roughly 6 weeks ago from Williamsville Ducati, the nearest dealer to my location in Buffalo, New York. Service at the store is always excellent, the technicians are knowledgeable, but I have yet to see the part I'd ordered and am beginning...
  7. LED Turn Signal half working and dim

    I did a search on the forums and found a similar problem, but not exactly the same. My 2000 Ducati 748S has LED front turn signals (installed prior to my purchase) and they are very dim and half work on each side. They come on the correct sides, however, like i said, its very dim and only half...
  8. 998 Steering

    I have a 2002 998 and the steering seems to not be pefectly lined up when going straight. When I take the pressure off the bars it tracks straight as a arrow. Also when I bought the bike the back tire has been burnt down so there is a large flat spot so I'm not sure if this has anything to do...
  9. 1198 - All the NEGATIVES

    Ducati Discussion
    Alright guys... I'm thinking of adding an 1198 to the family, and so this questions only applies to current owners of an 1198. What DON'T you like about the 1198? Please feel free to list all the negatives you can think of. Thank you!!! :yo:
  10. 2007 Ducati 1098s Problems

    When the Ducati 1098s came out i was stunned at how beautiful it was. I bought a full termignoni exhaust, and deck it out with carbon fiber. It is a pretty bike! However, It has only given me headaches and problems!! The bikes engine siezed up on the highway. It just cut off and wouldnt...