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  1. 1098/1198
    Hey guys was riding along today bike was running perfect, went to change down coming into an intersection and bamm wouldn't down change nor Change up the gear shifter is still working fine eg recentering itself just no gears there, nike on or bike off no diffrent won't change gear, when I start...
  2. Ducati Discussion
    My 1198S has been having some issues while riding. From 1st through 6th gear Everytime it hits 4k-7k rpms, the bike loses all power, and starts to jerk and lag. After turning the throttle all the way, it rips out of the lag and launches full blast. This started to happen after my groomsmen...
  3. Ducati Discussion
    Purchased an 1198 a few weeks ago via Ebay, trucked it all the way to FL for some winter riding(I'm from the Windy City), just discovered that the front rim has been repaired. Hard to tell what original damage might have been, but it looks as if it may have been bondo'ed...! Already replaced...
  4. 848
    I was working on the bike when it fell over on its left side not very hard I tried to catch it falling and softened the fall a bit but now there's a big problem I picked the bike back up checked it out and shifter was bent inward quite a bit. Let it sit then turned it on everything pops up on...
  5. Technical
    Hello, I have a question and would appreciate it someone could help me out. I have an 03 749 and the check engine light comes one when i have it on, but it goes off as soon as i put it on gear and start riding. What is wrong or is it ok? THanks.
  6. 999/749
    Hello, I hate working on my Ducati but I think I can do this Job. I need to replace my clutch I think... It slips in 1st 2en 3ed.. Instead of replacing it what steps can I follow to make sure it's a new clutch i'm needing? PS someone said check my plates how do I do that? Also is there any...
  7. 999/749
    I have a 2003 Ducati 999s with 20,000 miles on it and I recently bought it. I put 4,000 miles on it and now theres a clutch problem. In first gear I'll let out my clutch all the way and the engine is still engaging by itself. When I let off the clutch it's reaving at around 3-4 RPM before...
  8. Ducati Discussion
    Alright guys... I'm thinking of adding an 1198 to the family, and so this questions only applies to current owners of an 1198. What DON'T you like about the 1198? Please feel free to list all the negatives you can think of. Thank you!!! :yo:
1-8 of 8 Results