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  1. Termignoni Race Up-Map

    Ducati Monster 821
    Hi guys, Quick question to those who have fitted the termis on their M821 with the up-map. Does the up-map come configured for the OEM air filter (in which I would need a tune for a DNA filter), or is it configured for air-filter mods? Thank you in advance for any help! Cheers
  2. Dont Haze the New Guy too much

    Ducati Discussion
    Hey guys, I have been putting this off for awhile now. Ive been riding my race 848 for less than a year on the street but stopped cause I got allot of tickets, now it sits at the shop (machmodified.com(ourpartner)) an explanation of the biker is here...
  3. FS: 848/1098/1198 Armour Bodies Race Fairings

  4. 848 carbon fiber fairing set

    I have a carbon fiber fairing set for a 848/1098/1198 . It is a front fairing , upper sides , and a rear solo tail. I'm also throwing in a factory stock solo tail and Ducati seat pad in the set. Please don't ask me if I will separate the set, the answer is NO. I believe it is all Bestem USA if...
  5. Ducati 1198 / air cooled conversion

    Selling my custom built air cooled 1198 race / track bike. I need the funds to move on to the Middlewieght class. Developed over the course of a season, this bike is fast and reliable, handles like a dream. Easily outruns Bimotas and keeps up well with Middlewieght machines. Loads of torque and...
  6. FS: RS Febur swingarm Ducati 999 & parts

    Hi guys I decided to sell this sweet rare Febur swingarm made for xx9 bikes. It's perfect in all part as you can see. I sell it because I found a complete rear RS. Just as a reminder I have STK runners and rear brake braket caliper on sale Swingarm 900$+ shipping Air duct 340$+shipping Rear...
  7. = = FS: Dainese Suit 48/38 New condition - motorcycle track race suit = $675 (Brea,

    Bike Gear
    *SOLD* FS: Dainese Suit 48/38 New condition - motorcycle track race suit Sold
  8. WTB Track Fairings for 848 Evo

    For Sale/Wanted
    As title states, let me know what you have! Thanks in advance! :popcorn: -Thomas
  9. Valentino Rossi Race Leather Suit Can you buy it

    For Sale/Wanted
    hi guys i wanted to know if if you know any sites other then ebay to find his race suit i want one :D but i can only seem to find them on ebay but they look tacky can any one help out :D
  10. Ferrari 458 vs Ducati 1198s

  11. what what do you think of ROSSI'S postion for the race ?

    Ducati Discussion
    what do you think about how he rode and how do you think he wil go in the race ? and on that note any one seen his new helmet wake up ?good or bad? and what do the bulldogs say on the back ?