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  1. Poor Rear Brake

    Sport Touring
    Hi - Recently bought a low mileage 2003 ST4S and I really love it. Only issue is a very poor rear brake. I replaced the rear pads with new ones and it helped a little, but it still is very lame - like an 1930's rear drum - it has a little brake but totally ineffective. Hydraulics seem fine...
  2. Replacement/upgrade rear brake 2005 S4R?

    Due the design flaw of having the bleeder screw on the lowest point of the rear caliper on the S4R, it seems to rarely ever hold pressure for more than a month or so without having to be bled. In order to avoid having to remove the caliper and do all of the old tricks to bleed it on a regular...
  3. 848 Evo - Rear brake light not working (front brake and running lights OK)

    Hi All, This is probably a dumb maintenance query but worth an ask before paying money to be looked at funny / failing my upcoming MOT. My 2011 848 Evo is stock apart from Termi slipons. The rear brake doesn't seem to light up the brake light. It used to (I regularly check) and the running...
  4. Rear Brake Loss all Pressure When Gets Hot

    Anybody helps me please! My rear brake works like charm when the bike just starts. After 30mn city ride with the slightly use of rear brake and it starts to loss pressure little by little until there is no pressure! I put DOT 4 and bleed the brake. I come across somewhere they mentioned about...