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  1. lights cut off when i throttle my bike.

    So this are my issues 1) every time when I turn on my bike..everything is fine. it fired up right away. The issue comes when I ride off...and start to give it a little throttle. once the RPM goes up...my lcd display backlight, front headlight, rear brake lights, turn signals..just all shut...
  2. rectifier problems!!

    I have a 1997 916 biposto. My rectifier wires are fried! Does anyone know which rectifier brand would be a good replacement? I'm looking for a heavy duty rectifier and I also want to relocate it under my rear passenger seat. I'm not very mechanical, but I can connect and disconnect a few wires...
  3. ducati 848 evo charging problem

    Hello all, I have a 2011 ducati 848 evo and i have been having issues the past month with starting my bike, it has been struggling to turn on. One day i rode to work and when i was ready to go home i went to turn the bike on and it finally wouldn't turn over. I had to get a boost to turn it on...
  4. Chaarging system stumper

    After reading through every thread I could find on the subject, and trying all suggestions, I am stumped. My 2010 1198 S Corse has a very sick charging system. It overcharges and boils batteries. I have replaced the rectifier/regulator 4 times. I just installed the fourth one (ElectroSport) and...