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  1. 1098/1198
    Just moved to Hickory, NC. I ride a 08 ducati 1098...looking for other folks to ride with....I'm 45 min north of charlotte. Feel free to shoot me an email if you're near this way and want to ride [email protected]
  2. For Sale/Wanted
    Brand new never used ride height adjuster for your 848, 1098, or 1198. $40 including shipping to you CONUS.
  3. Australia
    hi guys just want to know if any one is from there or has been over there on bikes or fast cars and could tell me if it worth me going over. Me and my mates have herd its is awsome and there laws do not line up with our's not many cops and not many speed camrea's over there to plus good road...
  4. Australia
    Im after ideas on places to go for ride with me and my cousin and our misses on the back of the bikes im after a place to take them some where nice about an hour out of melbourne im in moonee ponds some where to stop for lunch but all so with nive veiws around us if any one could help you a saver :)
  5. 848
    Went for a ride on my 848 09 model ...on tge freeway going hard in first gear now I smack the throttle down and got it to red line now the bike started to shake so I changed gear but I just wanna know is it normal and can you ride em out to red line or not ....(its my first duc)
  6. Ducati Discussion
    any one get out there today and injoy the day ?
  7. 848
    I may be free this weekend for a nice ride to break my bike in. Anyone in the five boroughs of NY down to go for a ride Fri, Sat, or Sun morning. I was thinking of riding 9W. I've read it has 27 miles of twisties. Click on the link for other riding roads in NYC area...
1-7 of 7 Results