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  1. New Rizoma fluid tanks - Brake and Clutch Reservoirs

    Rizoma clutch, front brake, and rear brake fluid tanks - black anodized These are Brand New in sealed packages (sold my bike before I had a chance to install them). Designed and manufactured in Italy. 3 Rizoma Universal Fit Fluid Tanks Part # CT027B (for front brake) Part # CT025B (for...
  2. CRG Arrows or Lane Splitters?

    Ducati Monster 821
    When attempting to use the stock mirrors on my M821 I have to either tuck in my elbow or look under my arm to see anything. Next season I want to get the Arrows or the Lane splitters, bother made by CRG. Any advice on which would look better on a Monster and what position to put them? Btw, I...
  3. Monster 821 Rizoma Plate holder Before and After

    Ducati Monster 821
    After a few months of lying to myself that the rear of the bike looked okay, I 've finally decided to remove the factory license plate + turn signal assembly and installed a Rizoma unit. The build quality is very good, all aluminum, and it comes with adapters to fit your stock lights. The fit...
  4. Rizoma rear Hub cover with Pitbull rear stand??

    1199 Panigale
    Hello all, I have searched and googled with no luck. Any help is appreciated. I have the Rizoma Rear hub axle slider for the Panigale and I have the Pitbull front and rear stands. The rear pin was swapped out to a 30mm pin to fit nicely into the Rizoma rear slider. BUT I feel like the bike is...
  5. Rizoma Reservoir installation on 1098

    Guys/Gals, i bought the reservoirs and brought them to my local shop and they did a horrible job installing them, afterwards i purchased the rizoma arms for them and i cannot get the fit correctly (the fluid hoses are too short to move them into a proper position....my question is does anyone...